All exterior lights are from AeroLED’s.

I have quite a bit of lights on my airplane. All of them are LED’s. The list includes Landing Lights on the canard, position lights (wingtips & tail), recognition lights – wingtips, strobe lights – wingtips & tail, and taxi/landing light (nose).

That’s a lot of lights! I like to be seen. 🙂

I turn my lights on for ALL flights, day or night.

Studies have shown a significant reduction in bird strikes if you have your lights on. Not to mention, other aircraft have a better chance of seeing you.

However, consistent with the technique that the airlines use, if I am at a towered airport, with a, “Line up, and wait,” clearance, I delay the landing lights until cleared for takeoff.

This is a signal for anyone looking to cross downfield that you are beginning the takeoff roll.

The canard landing lights are MicroSuns. Yes, they are super bright. With some minor surgery, they just barely fit in the available space.

The wingtip lights are two more MicroSuns for recognition lights and Pulsar NS nav lights.

The tail light is a combo tail light and strobe – a Sun Tail.

The nose taxi/landing light is a super bright SunSpot 4596.

We made a flange for the wingtip lights. That was so that we could attach the lenses to the flange, and then drill screw holes in the flanges rather than the lenses.

We didn’t want any of those nasty lens cracks!

We used the same technique with canard lights.

When all of my lights are on, I am lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree!

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