The Completion Center

The Completion Center is located on the other side of the airport from the Build Center (East Side).

It’s a very large, modern hangar that contains lots of projects in various stages. It’s also where owners bring their airplanes for their condition inspections. And this hangar also contains their avionics installation shop. Lots going on here!

For painting, there is an outstanding paint shop located on the field – AirCraftersRefinishing.

Contact: Michael Dodson,, ‭(772) 497-4080‬

For an interior, there is an excellent interior subcontractor available.

Contact: Jason, ‭(772) 696-5632‬‬

Note: If you are building your aircraft at the Velocity Factory, then you will need to work with Velocity to engage their subcontractors for work within their factory. This includes both Michael and Jason above.

For the Airworthiness Inspection, they have an inspector (FAA DAR) who drives down from the Orlando area. He is very knowledgeable about Velocity’s, so he is a great choice, and quite easy to work with.

Now, if you are like me and decide to continue building your airplane at the Velocity Factory, then the remaining building tasks include such things as:

Instrument panel

Wiring the avionics


Landing Gear


Of course, the Completion Center is where you complete all of your system installations. It’s a pretty long list, but, taken one at a time, they are fairly simple.

Included in this list are such things as

Engine Ignition Monitors (Optional: See EI Commanders),


Overhead Switch Panel (See Ron’s V-Twin),

Overhead Plenum (Optional: See Air Conditioning),

Headset jacks,

Interior lighting (See Interior, Ron’s V-Twin),

Exterior lighting (See Exterior),

Throttle quadrant,

Engine control cables – throttles, mixtures, and propellers,

Limit switches – doors, gear, etc.,

Trim Actuators,

Autopilot actuators,

Circuit breakers (See Wiring),

Emergency fuel shutoffs,

Pitot-static system – pitot probe, static ports, hoses,


OAT probe.

Wiring the airplane: battery cables, master relay, starter relays, voltage regulators, etc. (See Wiring)

Installing the interior – includes such things as making mounting plates for headsets, USB outlets, etc. (See Interior)

Installing optional items like seat heaters, oxygen control heads, oxygen distributors for each seat, electric cabin heaters, electric heater controllers and relays

Does this sound like a lot? Well, it is. None of it is rocket science, but it does require some thought as to how and where. Viewing other airplanes and mixing in your personal preferences should get you there. So while none of these items are hard, they do take time. As the builder, you are also the Project Leader, so best to make/revise/edit/update tasks lists about every week. This will help you figure how to get your airplane to the finish line.

Click on the following links for some pictures of these various projects:

Aircraft Wiring

Air Conditioning

Exterior Lights – AeroLED’s

Instrument Panel

Oxygen Distributors

Overhead console

Door Seals

Aft Cargo Compartment Floor

Vanity Panel

To learn more about the items that are unique to my airplane, see Ron’s V-Twin.

Installing the Instrument Panel
Wiring the Avionics