Some fun pics

Here are some fun pictures taken while on this “journey”.

🙂 Note: the captions on the pics are all in good fun. Humor. Get it? 🙂

Nice work, grasshopper.
“Go West, young man.”
“I can tow this twin with my bare hands. No problem!”
“Is this a wide load?”
“I can get you a top down picture for your paint scheme. Just don’t open the door too high!”
Mike rips off the masking paper. Think he is happy to show off his hard work? 🙂
Dusty work? Nah. 🙂
You are correct, Granddad. I am a super cool airplane builder.
What’s this gooey stuff called again? Oh yeah, sealant.
Fine by me. You are hereby cleared to solo. In your own airplane.
Hang on, I need to check my Instagram.
This micro requires a lot of concentration, Granddad.
Man, that eclipse was bright even with this welder’s helmet!
This is how you fly upside down, Granddad.
I think you should add more cabosil. Just trust me.
You and your custom everything. I got your overhead switch panel right here, pardner.
Seriously, this will be a perfect canard tip.
Yes, this is what you call a custom mount for the O2 bottle.
And a custom camera mount coming right up!
Wow, this thing got hot in a hurry!
Granddad, my gear door is definitely going to be better than yours. 🙂
How does this work again?
Why do you keep insisting that everything fits well? Okay, fine.
I have achieved victory!
I see what you mean. Yep, we are going to have make a serious change to the aileron geometry.
Only a few hundred more nut plates, and we are good to go.
Yes, I am an A-1 airplane building assistant.