Painting was one of the biggest projects. It included several months of body work preparation, then about six to eight weeks to paint it. We had to make up our own computer graphics for creating the design. We took lots of photos from different angles, even from above, and made numerous measurements.

The aircraft was professionally painted by Michael Dodson. His company is AirCrafter’s Refinishing. He also has a page on Facebook. If you want a top quality paint job, he’s your guy!

AirCrafter’s Refinishing

We spent about three months or so prepping the airplane surfaces for paint. This was while in the Completion Center. Bryan and Riley did a major of amount of this work. I had already done a good amount of prep while I was over in the Building Center, but this effort was focused on final prep for paint. Of course, the painter did some more as they are never satisfied!

After all the prep, my motto became, “I love to sand! I love to sand!” 🙂

Then we took the airplane across the airport to the paint shop. The paint scheme was fairly complex, plus there are a lot of parts for a V-Twin. It was worth it, as it it turned out great!

I worked with Jonathan at Plane Schemer, and he helped me create a custom logo for my airplane. Cool! Riley and I took a ton of pictures from different angles, and I made a lot of measurements. Jonathan entered this information in his computer, then set to work creating an awesome design.

Made by Aircraft Spruce

As part of the post paint reassembly process, I added my data plate.

It was kind of a milestone as the end was definitely getting closer and closer.